• Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Laws


Professional Memberships:

  • Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • International Trade Mark Association
  • Law Institute of Victoria


Principal Areas of Practice:

Commercialisation of Intellectual Property, Consumer Protection, Advertising and Marketing, Sports Law and Intellectual Property Litigation.

David has practised in the field of intellectual property for over 30 years. During this time, he has been involved in many significant commercial transactions involving the licensing and transfer of patents and technology. He has also been involved in a number of joint venture transactions that related to the investment of capital in the development of technology and the commercialisation of the end result.

The subject matter of the international license agreements he has negotiated include: viticulture technology to the United States and South America; cheese making technology to Malaysia and Thailand; the treatment of waste by high temperature incineration and pyrolosis to Australia, Asia and Europe; seatbelt and automotive technology from America to Australia; water and sewerage processors and fluid proceeding systems from America to Australia; and polyurethane separation screens for use in the mining industry to America and Asia.

He has advised numerous advertising agencies in relation to compliance with the The Australian Consumer Law and in the same areas advised clients as to the implementation of compliance programmes required of them by the ACCC following their prosecution for misleading and deceptive conduct in the course of business.

David has significant litigation experience and has acted for a number of large Australian companies in matters relating to trade marks, copyright and patent infringement and wrongful use of confidential information in State Supreme Courts and the Federal Court. He has also acted in significant Trade Practices (anti-trust) litigation and other commercial matters.

David has given many seminars and papers in the field of intellectual property and the development of corporate intellectual property policies relating to the ownership and protection of intellectual property.

In his leisure time, David is a keen golfer, avid reader and enjoys travel. He is a sports tragic and will watch sporting competitions of any kind, anytime, anywhere.

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